Here are the descriptions and impact of Becky Olson’s most requested topics:


Humor, Happiness and Hope.

This is Becky’s signature speech for all audiences facing a breast cancer battle. Described as “Inspiring, funny and passionate,” Becky will have your audiences rolling with laughter while wiping tears from their eyes.  They will leave the event inspired and full of hope.

Staying in the Light – Overcoming Adversity.

Becky’s newest topic was developed after her 2018 diagnosis of stage four breast cancer.  Now metastasized to her lungs, she finds that staying positive can be difficult at times. But this is when she needs it most. As survivors of life’s traumas, whatever it is for you, finding a way to stay in the light is more important than ever. Don’t wait for “someday” to do what you love. Right when you finally think timing is right, life throws a curve ball. This is the perfect speech to help audiences understand that it is often the most difficult challenges in life that give us the direction we need to live our best life.

Compassionate Care – A Survivor’s Perspective

What is it that patients really want from their caregivers?  Becky fired her doctor over a piece of Kleenex. With a few simple tips that her doctor could have learned, the outcome would have been much different. This is the perfect opening keynote speech for your medical conference. She will set the tone for your conference by sharing her personal stories, and provide tips and tools for medical professionals to better engage with their patients.

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