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Media Appearances for Becky Olson

Becky has appeared on television, radio and in newspapers all over the country and has been recognized as a leader in other parts of the world. Here is a list of some of the media appearances for Becky Olson:

Her story has been written up in the Oregonian Newspaper, and other local newspapers. She has also been in several national breast cancer magazines, including Woman’s World, Breast Cancer Wellness, and Courageous Woman Magazine.

She has been interviewed on global Christian Radio and satellite TV.  And has been a guest on several local Portland radio stations and television.  She has also appeared on many podcasts and internet summits as an expert in her field.

Becky is quoted in several books about breast cancer, including Intimacy After Breast Cancer, and has co-authored chapters in “How We Became Breast Cancer Thrivers,” and “Wise Women Speak.”  She is also the author of her own book, “The Hat That Saved My Life.” 

She was invited to share her story and conduct educational sessions in a variety of locations in the Cayman Islands, in person, as well as on television.

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