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Additional Background

Becky has spent most of her life in sales.  She started her sales career in her 20’s, first in the film industry where she sold movies to independent and major theater chains, then moved to Tupperware where she could be a stay at home mom. She was so dedicated, she held three parties the day before she gave birth to her son. She became a Tupperware sales manager in record time. Eventually Becky left that position and went to work in the advertising industry for a multi-billion dollar company. She first worked in sales where she found success as one of the top sales reps in the company. She then moved to management, where she trained sales reps across the country on a new product. Eventually, Becky was promoted to lead a team of sales people.

Becky believes in Thinking Big! When she was diagnosed with advanced stage breast cancer in 1996 she started envisioning the possibility of doing something to help others who are battling cancer. In 2000, she and her friend decided to start a non-profit called Breast Friends. She took advantage of her award winning sales ability from her experience in that sales organization and created something bigger than her circumstances.

Now, as a four-time survivor of advanced stage breast cancer, Becky is living proof that obstacles don’t have to stop you from succeeding in life.

Becky has been married for over 38 years. She and her husband, Bill, have five children and four grandchildren. They reside in Portland, OR with their dog, Swayze.

To read more about Becky, please visit There, you can read about and order her book, “The Hat that Saved My Life,”  read her Blog, and learn about her Speaker Mentor program


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