“Staying in the Light”

Wisdom from a five-time breast cancer survivor

Becky Olson

Becky Olson is Changing lives with her words

Becky Olson is living proof that we can change lives with our words. She has been fighting breast cancer since 1996 and is now in her fifth battle, this time with stage four, metastatic disease.  She has shared her messages on stages since 2003 and through her incredible skill in story-telling, offers hope, inspiration, and laughter. Her powerful message, “Staying in the Light,” is still changing lives. Becky believes we all survive something.  It’s not the thing we survive that defines us.  It’s how we survive it that tells our story. Her message of hope resonates with everyone.

Motivational Speaker, Humorist, Author, Singer, and Radio Show Host.

In 2005, Becky left corporate America to fulfill her life-long goal of being a motivational speaker. She has been “wowing” her audiences ever since.  Through her keynote presentations, she will help your audience uncover their gifts, discover their passion, find their purpose, and begin to create the legacy they all deserve.  She is the co-founder of Breast Friends and producer and host of a weekly radio show on Voice America, Health and Wellness Channel.  You can hear her podcasts on all major podcast platforms. (Search Breast Friends podcast). She is the  author of “The Hat That Saved My Life.”  In her spare time, she sings with an 18 piece swing orchestra called The Carroll Raaum Swing Orchestra.

“…You have a gift, and you touch more lives than you know! God Bless You!”

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Motivational and Inspirational. Becky speaks what she knows.  She has lived her journey and speaks from first hand experience. She has been motivating and inspiring her audiences for many years. Here are her three most requested topics:

Humor, Happiness and Hope

Staying in the Light…Overcoming Adversity

Compassionate Care –  A Survivor’s Perspective


Becky has been recognized as a leader in the cancer community as well as for her ability to communicate her messages on stage and in print.  She has been speaking professionally since 2003 and has won numerous awards including the “Local Hero Award” from Susan G. Komen/BMW North American, the Toastmasters “Communication and Leadership” award, the national  “Pink Power Mom” award, the Bank of America “Local Hero Award,”  and “Courageous Woman of the Month” from Courageous Woman Magazine.

She is changing lives with her words.


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